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!! WE ARE HIRING !! The post-doc position is open in Kasia's EuXFEL grant entitled "Support for Polish EuXFEL users – Supervision, Part II (2022–26)". More information in both Polish and English can be obtained here: [LINK - PL] [LINK - EN]


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    you have just found yourself on the website dedicated mainly to our research placed between Chemistry, Physics and Materials Science. You may find here some information about us, our latest activities, articles, awards, conferences, software, as well as some materials concerning the following research areas, which are among our scientific interests:

  • Photocrystallography and solid-state structural dynamics

  • Solid-state spectroscopy

  • Chemical and physical crystallography for materials science

  • Accurate crystallography under ambient and extreme conditions

  • Computational chemistry

  • Instrumentation and software development

  • Crystal engineering

    Please feel free to contact us whenever you seek for some more information. We are always happy to answer your questions and to start new interesting collaborations!

Katarzyna N. Jarzembska & Radosław Kamiński      

17th November 2023

Kasia was awarded Rector's prize for outstanding scentific acievements over the last 5 years. At the same time Radek was awarded the prize for teaching the new physics course for chemistry students.

24th January 2023

The consortium of National Centre for Nuclear Research (leader), Institute of Physics of Polish Academy of Sciences, University of Warsaw and Adam Mickewicz University in Poznań was awarded a grant from the Polish Ministry of Education and Science for supporting Polish EuXFEL facility users for years (2022–2026). Within this project three excellence centres are going to be established. One of the centres, based at the University of Warsaw, will be directed by Kasia (leader) with the support of Radek. More can be read here: [LINK]

26th September 2022

Kacper has been awarded 2nd poster prize on the MDMM2022 conference held in Gdańsk, Poland.

15th January 2021

The SONATA BIS grant has been awarded to Kasia by the National Science Centre in Poland for the proposal entitled: "M:M-PROP: metallophilic interactions – allies or enemies?"

10th January 2021

Radek was elected to be a member of the Scientific Discipline Council in Chemistry for term 2021–2024.


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